Travis Scott – ‘Watch (feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Kanye West)’ Review

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Travis Scott

Two years since Travis Scott released Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight album, we are still waiting on Travis’s third album named AstroWorld. The album’s name was inspired by a theme park he used to visit when he was younger in Texas. Travis Scott has been featuring on tracks with various artists for some time, last month he appeared on Rae Sremmurd’s single CLOSE as well as collaborating with Quavo in December for the album Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. With the recent return of Kanye West to Twitter, ’Ye has been teasing various new releases of music and drove Travis to release the single Watch.

Watch features both Lil Uzi Vert and Kanye West and is produced by Pi’erre Bourne, creating the uptempo, spacey beat that it is. The lead single off of the upcoming album gives us a taste to what the album will entail. Hopefully this means that AstroWorld isn’t far away!

Travis took to Twitter and released the single artwork hours before he released the song on streaming platforms. It was speculated that the song was going to feature both Lil Uzi Vert and Kanye West but the artwork hinted at nothing other than a contrasting collage of a rollercoaster ride, a watch, flowers and a skull.

The track opens with an audio clip of a child at an amusement park, in this case AstroWorld, and then transitions into a fanciful, imaginative beat thats able to bridge up the fitting theme. ‘Look at your roley, look at my roley / That’s a small face, this a big face’ is the catchy hook repeated throughout the track. Lil Uzi Vert surprisingly opens up the track, flipping lines with Travis occasionally setting the both the flow, melody and pace for the song. Kanye comes later into the track after Travis’s verse with ‘Bet my wifey stay close, she know I’m on my Bezos / Opioid addiction, pharmacy’s the real trap / Sometimes I feel trapped / Jordan with no Phil Jack’ he raps forcefully. The track overall is a banger, and gives us a satisfying insight in whats to come with AstroWorld.

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