Teedra Moses UK TOUR, Family and Stormzy!

Alice Upcoming R&B Artist
Alice – Upcoming R&B Artist
April 24, 2018
51st State Festival
May 2, 2018



I had the absolute pleasure of having a chat with the lovely, Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Teedra Moses. 

We talked about everything from her childhood, her collaborations, new music, our very own Stormy and her upcoming UK tour!

Soul gigs presents, Teedra Moses UK Tour May 2018.

‘The Lioness’ returns to the UK from 3rd – 6th of May 2018 with her full live band.

I told her how excited not only myself, but her entire UK fanbase are to hear she is returning to London, Manchester & Birmingham.

I know I’ll be singing along to ‘Be Your girl’. A real classic!

Teedra is really looking forward to the tour and can’t wait to put on an intimate show for us all.

I know for sure it will be a first class performance like always!

As a Grammy-Nominated Songwriter and BMI Songwriter of the year, for 2 consecutive years, Teedra Moses has used music to inspire others for over 10 years.

Teedra is currently on Rick Ross’s ‘Family Ties’ from his Hood Billionaire album. as well as blessing his previous projects ’Nobody’ with her golden vocals, featuring Diddy & French Montana from the Mastermind album.

Check out the interview..enjoy!

How are you?

I’m good.

How are you darling?

I’m Really good thank you. Im really excited about the interview. Lovely speaking to you!

Thank you!! 

It’s great that you are coming to the uk soon. Are you excited about the tour?

Yes, I am! I really am and I have new music coming soon, so I’m just super excited. The Energy of the UK gives me inspiration and motivation. Im really happy to see people in the UK before I embark on what I’m about to embark on.

Well we love you over here. We are great big fans of you so we are really excited!

So how are you feeling about the tour.. are you ready and raring to go? Are you excited about visiting London and visiting all the sights?

I’m very excited, Im extremely excited.

I’m just very busy with everything thats going on with finishing the new music, preparing for the tour, it’s very busy. You feel a little bit of anxiety but I’m excited.

Well, let’s go back to your childhood.

What was it like growing up in New Orleans?

It was a lot of love. My mother was a very loving woman and it was a lot of realness because my neighbourhood was a very real neighbourhood. And it was a lot of music, because we love music in our family. We left the radio on the entire time that we lived in that home. It went up and it went down but it never went off. Even the car my mothers selection, our selections when we are in our own room, but you know it was always music everywhere. Gospel in the churches, in schools that I went to back then, we had music classes, so it was just music everywhere.

Did Gospel music influence you on the type of artist you wanted to be. I know you liked to listen to what was playing on the radio but your mum said No, Gospel music is what you need to be listening too, is that right?

Well my mother just listened to Gospel Music. I don’t know how it was in your mother’s car, but in your parents car you pretty much listen to what your parents listen too, you don’t really get an option. Especially not in my mums car. So we heard The Clark Sisters and Shirley Ceasar. We were lucky when we heard Luther Vandros and Anita Baker. My mother just loved Gospel music. I think it was not only because she sang it but it was also a part of her lifestyle. She was a spiritual person. I didn’t think I could sing forever because I went to church with women that could sing so powerful and I heard my mothers music. Gospel music has very powerful singers. I think to this day, there are very few R&B singers that can stand next to a Gospel singer because in Gospel you are touching the soul of people. I mean we are too, but you have to evoke something into them deep. You have to go deep deep inside yourself and that means pretty powerful vocals. I’ve learnt that I can. I just used think that I couldn’t because those women were just so great.

We wouldn’t think that because your voice is just amazing. Its beautiful. Its a blessing to have that kind of voice.

Thank you.

So when did you realise you had that amazing voice, when did it really hit you that you could actually sing?

I think it hit me that I had a unique gift because when you grow up in a house full of people that can hold a note, you don’t think theres anything unique about the fact that you can. But when I heard a friend of mine singing once  we were in the car, I was like Yo, she really can’t sing along…she really can’t! Lol She’s singing in an unknown key. Not that I even knew right or wrong. I just knew she wasn’t matching what was on the radio and I’m normally around people that can at least sing along and it doesn’t sound super awkward. I realised it was a gift then when I heard her because she couldn’t even just do the basics of singing along. She would tell me all the time, she would push me and say, Yo you can sing, you can sing because she couldn’t, so I really think she knew I could sing. She put me in situations where I would have to sing for people. She kinda just started to push me and I started to realise well I guess I have something that people think is special.

Yea! Well the world loves your voice. Absolutely loves your voice!

So, before you showed the world your amazing gift, you worked as an Assistant Wardrobe Stylist with your friend..

Yes, the same friend, Nonja McKenzie. She’s the same friend that can’t sing! Lol

What does she think about that statement! Lol Does she agree?

Lol, It’s so messed up, because I’ve been telling this story for years.. I don’t even think she sings as much as she used too because I told so many people that she can’t sing. Lol

Well you’re being a true honest friend! 

Yea, I used to work with her on Wardrobe Styling too. She’s my best friend in the world and she’s been so influential in me seeing my potential’s in life. Working with her was just such a great start into the music business because I knew nothing about the music business. I just liked art, I like creativity. I knew I was an awkward, standout kind of person so, I was just a werido! So its art that I was drawn to. I liked fashion like all young girls, but I was never really drawn passionately to fashion, but I think it was comforting for her to have her friends round her embarking on something so huge at such such a young age. We were in our early 20’s and we were going around the world styling mega stars like Will Smith and No Doubt, So I think it was just comforting for her to have her friends around who she knew had her back and her family. 

Of course, Loyal, honest friend’s is what we need! Loyalty and honesty.

So the artist that you met whilst styling, did they give you any advice that you kept close to your heart over the years?

I never told them I sing, never, any of them, never lol

Did you not! 

No lol

OK, it was a big secret lol..

Well I just felt like that was not what I was there for. I was there to put clothes on people so, why would I start running onto peoples faces. They trust me to be there to put clothes on people, not to try to tell people I sing. At the time, I wasn’t so keen on trying to get a career, I just liked to sing.

Ok, Fair enough

Your song ‘Be Your Girl’ is one of my all time favourite songs. Its smooth. Your voice is just beautiful on the track and I just love it.

Where do you get your inspiration from writing those hits?

That particular song, I just had a crush on a guy, a real serious crush on a guy and I was coming out of a relationship with my children’s father. It just wasn’t good for us, you know. I think that, that crush on that guy was just my inspiration to think light, and to think light of love and the possibilities of love. Any song on Complex Simplicity that came from a lighthearted place was probably thoughts of that crush because that was a possibility. At that time it made everything look a little more optimistic then the reality that I was dealing with somebody that didn’t want to be a partner.

So thinking about all the collars you’ve had including Jada Kiss – You’ll never find, Anthony Hamilton – That One and also Rick Ross – Cognac And Conversation , which has a real sexy vibe, I love that track. Are there any current artists that you would love to collaborate with?

Yea, There’s tons! I love Ro James, he’s amazing! Daniel Caesar’s amazing, BJ The Chicago Kid is amazing, I think H.E.R is amazing, I think that Kali Uchis.. she’s super dope. There’s so many dope artists that I’m very open too, dope producers, I think its a really great time in music. I get so bewildered when I hear people complaining about the state of the music when its so open and free right now. There’s so much beautiful things coming to the the forefront, so I’m open, I’m very open.

Yes, its amazing at the moment. Cool! Also the UK scene is on fire at the moment. 

We have a lot of amazing artists like Not3s, Yxng Bane and Stormzy. Do you know of any of them? 

Stormy! You can not, not know of Stormzy. When you got o the UK, you know who Stormzy is! I remember a few years ago I was there and he sold out shows in like 15 minutes, so that made me aware of him. 

Stefflon Don, I think she’s just raw, I love her to death!

Yea, she’s hot!

Oooh who else, I like Cherri V. She’s a super dope singer. I mean theres quite a few people that, whether I find out about them through people, streaming services where they introduce you to new people, or when I come over someones like, Yo you got to check out this person, this person is burning here! Im very, very big on listening to music period for the enjoyment of it, not just being a person that creates it. I love music for the enjoyment of it and I think thats one of the things thats being done in the UK, Like people uniquely tap into their thing and you can tell they just enjoy making music. 

So music for the soul. Music just feeds you. It just feeds the brain if you’re down.. you put on music.. you feel happy, right?

Yea, or just if your down and you need to cry you put it on, like your not the only one. Then you do feel relieved after. Music is medicine. It medicinal. I think it is for most people.

It would be great if you can get to collab with the artist over here! It would be amazing to bless them with your vocals.

It would be amazing. You know I just want to come and stay for a while . That what I would really like to do. Its hard when your passing thru to really just soak it up. Il probably be there for a couple of days after, but I would like maybe a little later, maybe after the summer, just come and stay for a while and really get a chance to absorb the culture of the UK, because I pass through it, I never really sit and absorb it.

Well summers coming now, so its the best time to be over here when theres heat. We don’t get much of it by the way! But when we do have it its really nice.

I know, but I can work through the weather in London because I don’t expect anything different!.. Lol, but its cool because the vibe is good. You guys vibe clean through the gloom lol

We do! Exactly! Lol

What can we expect from your upcoming tour? What surprises do you have for us?

Im bringing some really talented young people with me. The show itself is going to be really fun! Its just smooth, its kinda just laid back. You know we are really just going to enjoy ourselves and take our time. I think sometimes in my shows I try to fit in enough for people to be really pleased with the amount of songs they are getting, whereas I really want to work more so on actually absorbing the moments in the show. Like really allowing the people to saturate themselves with each moment of the show, so taking more time to show our musicality in the show. As well, always, its personal, very personal with me. Its like, coming into my living room and sitting down having a conversation. That’s pretty much what its like coming to one of my shows. I want to play some of the songs I never really played from the mixtapes, because I think I concentrate so much on giving people what they want that I don’t show a full presentation of my catalogue. So, I made it a point to throw in something that people aren’t used to hearing or may not know, but I have to play my shows for the true fans, they have every mixtape. 

We can’t wait. I’m excited! 

Good, good!

How do you gear up for a show? What do you do before every performance?

I get dressed Lol. You know Im usually back there with my people’s. Everybody that travels with me are really good people.

We just kick it, drink a little bit. Il probably come on stage with a drink..

Yea, Why not! Lol..

I just like to have natural, really good fun!

Of course!

Its sounds really contrived..its just like we are all here partying together, everyone show feel together. People don’t tend to get on each others nerves at my show! Lol 

That’s good! Good vibes all around! That’s how it should be.

What advice would you give to those who want to start a career in the music industry?

You should pursue a career in music first before you pursue a career in the industry of music. I think truly pursue a career in music because a career in music recording, if your a writer – writing your songs, recording your songs, performing your songs and getting your songs to the people. That’s what you really have to do to be in the music industry. You can’t come into the music industry thinking that someones going to provide songs for you, someones going to provide a place for you to record it, ..get you shows, they only take you once you do all those things yourself. So my advice would be to someone that wants to be in the music industry is get into the music business industry, you know, just get into the music first. Do your best in the music and give it to the people and work with the people because, that’s always who’s is going to champion you. It’s not the business it’s the people.

Right, And live the lifestyle. Its not just about the money its about living it and believing in yourself, right?

And you’ll get the money at some point if you handle your business correctly, but you’ve got to learn what it takes to do music for a living, you have to make it and you have to perform it. You have to continuously give it to the people and all the other opportunities will fall but, you are responsible for making the music and getting it to the people and performing it for the people. Its your responsibility as an artist.

Such great advice! Thank you so much for your time and Im really excited to see you at your London show

Yes, Il see you soon.

Teedra Moses UK Tour

Hare & Hounds Birmingham 3rd May £22.50
Manchester Academy 4th May £20.00
XOYO London 5th & 6th May £27.50

Ticket Link: https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/Teedra-Moses-tickets/artist/1251521

I wish we could have spoke longer. Teedra is absolutely lovely. Not only is she extremely talented but she has a very warm personality. An all round star! 

Get your tickets now guys! This is one not only for her true fans but for lovers of beautiful music. Music for the mind, body and soul.

Follow me on:




Peace x

Nalika Nevaeh
Nalika Nevaeh is a Singer/Songwriter from London. Her portfolio doesn't stop at music. Nalika is also an Event Stylist/Planner, Event host, Blogger & Dancer/Choreographer. She has totally indulged herself into her crafts. Nalika is currently working on bringing some fresh new sounds to the music scene. "I totally love being emerged into music! Bringing to life everyday emotions thru the art of music is so magical. I completely enjoy and appreciate the entertainment industry. From Singing to Fashion to Presenting and Hosting at live events, brings me total joy! I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey so far. I am extremely excited and ready for the future!'


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